July 25 2011

Transformers Rescue Bots Playskool Heroes Hit Retail

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As a big fan of Playskool’s Go-Bots toy line, I’ve been looking forward to their new Transformers Rescue Bots toys. On a tip from a fellow fan, I hit my local Toys R Us to find nearly the entire first wave of toys. Along with the first wave of transforming toys ($11.99), which includes Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Heatwave, they had the larger, electronic Rescue Bots ($24.99). Like Hasbro’s Power Bots, these do not transform.

My local Toys R Us also had the new Rescue Bots two-packs ($5.99). These sets include a human figure as well as a small vehicle.  And no, the vehicle doesn’t turn into a robot.

Despite my appreciation for Human Alliance, I really wasn’t too excited about these two-packs until I saw that the vehicle turned into a tool/weapon for the transforming Rescue Bot toys.

If you can’t find the Rescue Bots at your local Toys R Us, check by the other Playskool toys. Most likely, they will not be by the Transformers.

February 14 2011

Target Lowers Price Of Transformers Power Core Combiner 5-Packs To $9.99

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Just a quick heads up for Transformers Power Core Combiner fans.  Target  has lowered the price of the 5-Packs to $9.99.  The sale runs until 3/5.

November 30 2010

Target Exclusive Star Wars Vintage 9 Pack Hitting Stores Now

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The new Target exclusive Star Wars 9 pack has begun to hit store shelves across the United States. This “special action figure set” includes nine figures from The Empire Strikes Back and is priced at $49.99. If your local Target still hasn’t put it out on display, the DPCI is 087-06-1620. Happy hunting!

If you still haven’t picked them up, Target also has their exclusive Hoth gift sets on sale for $34.99. The sale runs through 12/18.

November 15 2010

Wal-Mart Exclusive Transformers HFTD Two Packs Hit Retail

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While Black Friday is still more than a week away, Wal-Mart stores have already begun to put out their holiday exclusives. Jason Blue Boost of the TFW2005 boards picked up both of the new Transformers HFTD two packs at the Wal-Mart store in Niles, IL.  The sets are titled “Starscream’s Assault,” which includes dirty versions of Mudflap and Starscream, and “The Fury of Bonecrusher,” which includes a blue repaint of Ironhide and a battle damaged Bonecrusher. Both sets are priced at $29.96.

Walmart Transformers 2 Packs

September 23 2010

Toys R Us Opens In Store Star Wars Shop

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If you’re looking for the latest and greatest Star Wars toys, you’ll want to swing by your local Toys R Us. The retailer has opened a Star Wars “shop” in the front of its stores with a wide selection of toys from both Hasbro and Lego. My local Toys R Us was fully stocked with AT-AT’s as well as the exclusive Slave 1.

Star Wars TRU Hasbro

Star Wars TRU Lego

July 31 2010

New Star Wars, Transformers and G.I. Joe Toys Now At Target

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Yes, the summer toy drought is finally over. While Toys R Us jumped the gun and put out many of the new Star Wars and Transformers toys a few weeks ago, Target stores are in the process of resetting and stocking their action figure aisles. At two of my local Targets I found the Star Wars section jam packed with everything from Legacy and Clone Wars action figures to the new vehicles and battle packs. One even had high ticket items like the AT-AT and radio controlled Hailfire droid.

Target Star Wars Reset

Transformer fans will also want to hit their local Target.  The stores around here are packed with the first wave of Legends, Scouts, Deluxes, Voyagers and Leaders. They even had Human Alliance Jazz and Battle Ops Bumblebee. Also keep your eye out for Target’s new exclusive sets, which include two deluxe sized robots in some pretty garish colors. Needless to say, these will probably be on clearance in a few months.

Target Transformers Reset

Target doesn’t seem to be dedicating a lot of space for G.I. Joe.  However the new Pursuit of Cobra toys are also starting to trickle out. My local Targets had a few pegs for figures as well as some shelf space for the vehicles and Mech suits. From what I’ve seen, these toys are a big improvement over the movie line and should be a big hit among collectors.

May 16 2010

Target Drops Price Of Star Wars And Transformers Toys

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While out running errands today, I stopped at my local Target. As usual, the store didn’t have anything new. However, I noticed that, like Toys R Us and Wal-mart, they had dropped  the price of their Star Wars toys. Clone Wars, Saga and Legends figures were all $4.99 and battle packs and vehicles were marked down to $22.99 and $19.99, respectively. Star Wars Transformers were also marked down to $13.99, but even at this price, I’d be hard pressed to buy them.

Target Star Wars

Someone at Target must have noticed the pegs full of Tuner Mudflaps weren’t selling so they marked down deluxes to $8.99. Scouts were also marked down to $6.99, which is still a dollar more than Toys R Us. The best deal was probably Voyagers, which were marked down to $14.99.  These price cuts run until (I think) 6/2.

Target Transformers

March 28 2010

Star Wars Figures On Sale At Toys R Us This Week

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Toys R Us is running a sale on basic Star Wars figures this week. Normally priced at $6.99 each, Clone Wars, Legacy and Saga Legends figures are now two for $10.99.

TRU Star Wars Sale

If Transformers are your thing, Toys R Us also has Revenge of the Fallen deluxe figures on sale for $7.99. This is a pretty good price considering they normally go for $11.99 at TRU and $10 at Target and Walmart.

March 04 2010

Toys R Us Exclusive Transformers Shanghai Showdown Set Found At Retail

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While out looking for Animated Arcee and Ratchet at my local Toys R Us, I came across the new Transformers “Shanghai Showdown” three pack. This exclusive set includes a “dirty” Mudflap/Skids ice cream truck and a white repaint of Demolishor. Unlike some of TRU’s other exclusives, this set is priced at a reasonable $29.99.

Transformers Shanghai Showdown

January 20 2010

Target Slashes Price Of Star Wars Geonosis Arena Showdown Sets

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Target has slashed the price of its exclusive Star Wars Geonosis Arena Showdown sets from $12.99 to a more reasonable $6.99. This sale was not being advertised at the stores in my area.  However, the sets rang up at this price.

Star Wars Geonosis Arena Price

Yakface is also reporting that Target’s exclusive G.I. Joe deluxe packs are scanning at $6.49. If your store still has them, the first wave of basic figures are also ringing up at $3.49.