December 12 2008

Indiana Jones Figures On Clearance At Target

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Target has begun to red tag its Indiana Jones toys. The basic 3 3/4″ figures have been marked down to $3.80 and the 12″ figures are now $10.48. Unfortunately, the deluxe figures and vehicles have not gotten the red tag treatment yet.

Target stores have also been clearing out their back rooms so if you’ve had a hard time finding the later waves of Indy figures, now is the time to go and look. There have been a number of reports of people picking up the Last Crusade wave for $3.80 a piece.

October 17 2008

Target Exclusive Indiana Jones Battle Packs Hitting Stores

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The Target exclusive Indiana Jones battle packs should be hitting stores this week. There are three packs available: Cairo Ambush (Cairo Indy, Marion Ravenwood, Monkey Man, 2 Cairo Thugs), Tank Showdown (Brunwald Indy, Henry Jones, Vogel, 2 German Soldiers)  and Jungle Chase (Crystal Skull Indy, Leather Jacket Mutt, Spalko, Dovchenko, Russian Soldier). The packs are priced at $19.99 and are located up front by the registers.

Take note that some of the figures are missing their accessories. For example, Cairo Indy is missing his gun and Henry Jones does not come with his hat or briefcase.

June 25 2008

Indiana Jones Wave 3 Toys Hitting Stores Now

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The third wave of Hasbro’s Indiana Jones action figures is hitting stores now. Diddly of the Yakface forums found the Grail Knight, Indiana Jones with submachine gun, and Young Indy from this wave at his local Walmart store.

Wave three also includes Dr. Henry Jones (Sean Connery), Dr. Elsa Schneider and Colonel Vogel from the Last Crusade.