December 28 2009

Target Gets Star Wars Blockbuster Value Two Packs

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If you missed out on the Blockbuster Value Two Packs that Walmart had a month or two ago, you’ll want to hit your local Target store. There have been numerous reports of people finding two packs of Legacy and Saga Legends figures for $7.49. Thanks to Jedi Temple Archives for the picture shown below.

Target Star Wars BOGO

Target stores are also getting in two packs of Transformers Crossovers toys for a mere $16.99. If your local store doesn’t have these yet, be patient. Most stores are still trying to clear out the toys left over from the holiday shopping season and will be stocking the shelves with new items over the coming weeks.

November 17 2008

Star Wars Clone Wars Transformers Wave 2 Out In The U.S.

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Over the weekend, I came across a case of the second wave of Clone Wars packaged Star Wars Transformers at my local Target. The wave includes repaints of Emperor Palpatine/Imperial Shuttle and Imperial Trooper/AT-AT as well as a remold of the Republic Gunship. Along with a new clone pilot head, the gunship’s doors are now fully covered. It also has nose art featuring a Kowakian monkey lizard dropping a bomb.

September 23 2008

Wave 2 Marvel Crossovers Out In Stores

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I meant to post this earlier but as you might have noticed, I’ve been a bit busy as of late. Last week, I came across the second wave of Marvel Crossovers at the Super Target in Fitchburg, WI. The wave includes Wolverine, Human Torch, Spiderman (in black costume) and Grey Hulk.  The Spiderman and Hulk toys are simply repaints of the toys from the previous wave. However, Wolverine and Human Torch are new molds.