May 16 2010

Target Drops Price Of Star Wars And Transformers Toys

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While out running errands today, I stopped at my local Target. As usual, the store didn’t have anything new. However, I noticed that, like Toys R Us and Wal-mart, they had dropped  the price of their Star Wars toys. Clone Wars, Saga and Legends figures were all $4.99 and battle packs and vehicles were marked down to $22.99 and $19.99, respectively. Star Wars Transformers were also marked down to $13.99, but even at this price, I’d be hard pressed to buy them.

Target Star Wars

Someone at Target must have noticed the pegs full of Tuner Mudflaps weren’t selling so they marked down deluxes to $8.99. Scouts were also marked down to $6.99, which is still a dollar more than Toys R Us. The best deal was probably Voyagers, which were marked down to $14.99.  These price cuts run until (I think) 6/2.

Target Transformers

March 28 2010

Star Wars Figures On Sale At Toys R Us This Week

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Toys R Us is running a sale on basic Star Wars figures this week. Normally priced at $6.99 each, Clone Wars, Legacy and Saga Legends figures are now two for $10.99.

TRU Star Wars Sale

If Transformers are your thing, Toys R Us also has Revenge of the Fallen deluxe figures on sale for $7.99. This is a pretty good price considering they normally go for $11.99 at TRU and $10 at Target and Walmart.

March 24 2009

Transformers And Star Wars Toys On Sale At ALDI Next Week

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I usually don’t shop at ALDI, but during Christmas and Easter, they usually have some good deals on toys. Starting March 29th, ALDI has Star Wars comic packs on sale for $9.99 and Transformers Animated deluxes for $8.99. Stores only get a limited number of these toys so for best selection, I recommend stopping early in the week.

January 30 2009

Target and Wal-mart Raise The Price Of Transformer Toys

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With the holidays behind them, Target has raised the price on a number of Transformer toys. While out doing my rounds, I noticed that the price of Animated deluxes and Bumper Battlers had been increased to $10.99.  The price of Voyager, Ultra and Leader class toys had also been raised to $21.99, $27.99 and $44.99, respectively. The price of Universe deluxes remain at $7.79, but its probably only a matter of time before they too go up in price.

And then there is Wal-mart… While they typically have the best price on toys, the retailer has decided to stick it to Transformer fans by charging a whopping $12.88 for Animated and Universe deluxes. So much for Walmart being the “low price leader.”

Update: Target has now raised the price of its deluxe class figures to $11.99. While not advertised widely, Universe deluxes are on sale for $7.79 until February 9th.

November 14 2008

Target Lowers The Price Of Transformers Deluxes To $7.79

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If you shop at Target as much as I do, you probably noticed that the price of Hasbro action figures has gone up and down a lot over the last few months. Within the last month alone, the price of Transformers Deluxes has changed at least 3 or 4 times.

Apparently, the folks at Target have finally realized that no one was going to pay $10 or $11 for a Deluxe class figure when they could go to Wal-mart and get one for less than $8. The retailer has now lowered the price of its Animated, Movie and Universe deluxes down to $7.79. I’m not sure how long this sale will last, but if I had to guess, it will run through the holiday season.

November 03 2008

Transformers Toys On Sale At ALDI

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I usually don’t shop at ALDI, but come the holiday season, they usually have some good deals on toys. This week, ALDI has a number of Transformer toys on sale. According to their online catalog, Transformer Animated deluxes are $7.99 and Star Wars Transformers are a mere $9.99. Transformers Legends figures are also $3.99, which is a good dollar cheaper than anywhere else. Last but not least, they have the Transformers Animated Cyberspeed Bumblebee listed for $16.99.

October 19 2008

Transformer Toys On Sale At Target This Week

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Target is running a sale on Transformers toys this week. The retailer has marked down its Animated, Universe and Movie deluxes to $8. While not shown in the ad, Transformers Universe Ultras are also on sale for $22.49 and Voyagers for $17.99. 

Update: It looks like prices in stores are not the same as they are online.  I stopped at my local Target this morning and found that Ultras marked at $24.29 and Voyagers at $19.79.

September 02 2008

Transformers Animated Wave 4 Deluxes In Stores

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Wave 4 of the Transformers Animated deluxes has started to show up at Wal-marts across the country. The wave includes Sentinel Prime, Swoop and Elite Guard Bumblebee. Here’s a picture, courtesy of puppylove of the TFW2005 boards:

Thankfully, the first few revisions of wave 4 are pretty evenly packed with 2 each of Sentinel Prime, Swoop and Elite Guard Bumblebee. Happy hunting!

July 30 2008

Transformers Universe Wave 2 Deluxes Found

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If your wallets weren’t hurting enough, the second wave of Transformers Universe deluxes have begun to hit stores in the US. madman1366 of the TFW2005 boards found Acid Storm and Galvatron at the North Riverside Toys R Us in Illinois.  

The case breakdown is 2 Galvatrons and 1 Acid Storm. Needless to say, Acid Storm is going to be hard to find until wave 3 hits, when he comes 2 per case.

June 25 2008

Transformers Animated Wave 3 Deluxes Out In The US

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Over the last few days, there have been a number of reports stating that the Transformers Animated wave 3 deluxes were out in the US. has now posted a picture confirming these reports. RodimusTitan picked up both Autobot Jazz and Soundwave at a Target in Washington state.

Wave 3 includes Autobot Jazz, Soundwave, Snarl and Oil Slick. Have they shown up in your area yet? Let us know by leaving a comment.