January 20 2010

Target Slashes Price Of Star Wars Geonosis Arena Showdown Sets

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Target has slashed the price of its exclusive Star Wars Geonosis Arena Showdown sets from $12.99 to a more reasonable $6.99. This sale was not being advertised at the stores in my area.  However, the sets rang up at this price.

Star Wars Geonosis Arena Price

Yakface is also reporting that Target’s exclusive G.I. Joe deluxe packs are scanning at $6.49. If your store still has them, the first wave of basic figures are also ringing up at $3.49.

December 10 2009

Target Exclusive G.I Joe, Star Wars and Transformer Toys Already On Clearance

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While Target is known for their radical clearances, they usually wait a few months before slapping red tags on their exclusive items. Needless to say, I was a bit surprised to see that my local Target had marked down its new G.I Joe, Star Wars and Transformer toys after only a few weeks. These things weren’t exactly hot sellers, but with them marked down 30%, they’ll probably be gone by Christmas.

Target Clearance

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December 06 2009

Star Wars, G.I. Joe And Transformers Toys On Sale At Walmart This Week

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If you missed some of the Black Friday sales, you’re in luck. According to this week’s ad, Walmart has rolled back the price of Star Wars and G.I. Joe action figures to $6.  Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Fast Action Battlers and deluxe toys have also been marked down to $8. The sale runs until December 12th.

Walmart Star Wars Sale

November 19 2009

Target Exclusive G.I Joe, Star Wars and Transformer Toys Hit Retail

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While Black Friday is still more than a week away, there have been numerous reports of people finding the new Target exclusive G.I Joe, Star Wars and Transformer toys at their local store. While doing my rounds this morning, I found an entire end cap full of them.  Along with the Wedge Antilles X-wing fighter, they had two new Star Wars Clone Wars battle packs, the new TIE fighter with updated cockpit and the G.I. Joe Past and Present Rockslide ATAV. On top of that, they had all three of the new Transformers exclusives.  Thanks to Computron34 of the TFW2005 boards for the pic.

Target BF Exclusives

If your local Target hasn’t put these toys out, you can use the links below to check and see if they have them in stock. Using the DPCI number, you can then have them pulled from the back room.