March 04 2010

Toys R Us Exclusive Transformers Shanghai Showdown Set Found At Retail

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While out looking for Animated Arcee and Ratchet at my local Toys R Us, I came across the new Transformers “Shanghai Showdown” three pack. This exclusive set includes a “dirty” Mudflap/Skids ice cream truck and a white repaint of Demolishor. Unlike some of TRU’s other exclusives, this set is priced at a reasonable $29.99.

Transformers Shanghai Showdown

October 01 2009

Transformers ROTF Human Alliance Skids Found In The US

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Good news for fans of the Transformers Human Alliance toy line. The set with Skids, Arcee and Mikaela has finally hit retail in the US. theestampede of the TFW2005 boards found the toy at a Target store in Memphis, TN.

tf Human Alliance Skids